Al's passing came as a shock to us all.  He was successful in business and was able to retire early in life, moving to Florida. I remember Al quite a bit because he was just a hell of a nice guy. He was one of the early arrivals to the public scene in Florida, helping us to build SPICE.  He was the kind of guy you could sit around and feel like you had known each other forever.

He had two roomates.  "Funthing" Pat and Grand Master Trainer. They were family. One of the most delightful times I remember is when I worked up with Al a fantasy for Pat, a fantasy abduction, which went off beautifully.

Al liked to play on the edge, too close to the edge, and left us way to soon. 

Rest in peace Al.

*Unfotunately so much time as gone by I'm not sure if he died in 98 or 99. If anyone remembers, or has contact with Pat these day, appreciate your help.