Grand Master Frank Trainer

August 16, 2005

Grand Master Frank Trainer came known to all of us in the South Florida community back around 1998 when he moved here from the Chicago area. He once told me that he was bestowed the title of Grand Master by his peers in Chicago many years ago.

He was the Dungeon Master at Club Kink for many years. He was a fixture every Friday evening seated at the 1st table as you entered the club, smiling and greeting everyone. He was always willing to help anyone learn about the community, the toys, etc.  Not only was he a respected mentor and trainer, he made a few BDSM movies along the way.

You rarely saw him play, because he was the DM, unless you stayed until the very end around 3-4am, when you would see him with someone having a great time scening or mentoring someone.

He was a SPICE member and a friend to many in the community.  He moved to the west coast of Florida about 2003 until he died on Tuesday, August 16, 2005.

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Special Tributes

Trainer was a wonderful man ....He gave of his heart and knowledge, so to give us in the lifestyle the knowledge of how to be safe and how to pass along what we have learned from him... He never had anything negative to say about anyone... He made people laugh and was trusted by all who loved him....

I met Trainer years ago when I lived in Palm Beach and joined S.P.I.C.E. Then I started going to Kinks and that is when we talked and I saw how much of a Grand Master he was..

As a new out of the closet Mistress who thought she knew a lot .... When I met Trainer and some of the other people at Kinks I found out you never stop learning....

Trainer also remembered things about everyone ... Like one time when he went on a trip to Chicago he brought back a gift for me... it was a set of restraints and a collar black with red piping leather ... I was shocked that he remembered my colors are red and black.... And to receive such a gift from him was like an honor.... He also shared his slave Al with me and let me practice some new things Trainer taught me..... Then I left south Florida to Central Florida .. Never lost touch with them ..

Dear Trainer you are now reunited with Al and I know you both watch over all of us that you grew to love .... Your memories will always be with us who have learned and loved from your teachings always.... I love you, and I will miss you and Al terribly.

In my thoughts always,

Staci (Mztrsstaci)

He was a Great friend of mine...Actually he was the first person that I ever scened with and made my Ex husband and I feel very comfortable as newbies to the lifestyle :) I will miss him ...I feel that because of his great introduction to this lifestyle, I after 8 yrs have gotten to know many wonderful people so to me He was and will be a Grand Master..Now he will have wings and Al will once again be very happy :)

Thank you for passing on the info,


In 1998 a man walked into my favorite club. He was known immediately by my slave and soon to be wife as the man who taught her first Master. We were introduced and I fell in love. For a long time I shadowed this man. I copied what I saw, I practiced what I was taught, I respected his wishes and his advice. I will never forget the pride I felt the first time he said "Now you are one of mine - you are my baby" From that day forward he was known to me as Daddy. As I write this, my eyes well up and a sadness comes over me like a dark cloud. My Leather Daddy is gone, and my heart is broken. I have cried many times, and will do so again. Daddy loved me, taught me, made me feel like I belonged and had something to offer. I am the Dominant I am today because of him. He's made me a better man. I will be eternally grateful, and I will dedicate myself to making him continue to be proud of me as he watches over me. Daddy, I love you, and I will miss you terribly.


Hello. This is Stacy Kanas from Secrets. We knew and Trainer and liked him very much. He was a gentle soul who never looked down upon anyone who wasn't in the community or knew what he knew.

We met trainer many years ago, his quick smile greeted people for years at club kink. fawn and I have many memories of frank and some times I can still hear him booming out a quite laugh ( quite a trick and the only guy i knew who could not make a sound but be heard). frank was interested in people. My favorite memory of frank was him in the back room at kink with a black playboy bunny, he looked up at me and just said eat your hart out, and I did, later he comes to me with an ear to ear smile and says well you didn't really think i was going to say take her did ya. we laughed for weeks about that. Frank you will be missed in a world where the ideology of self seems to take so much attention away from those that just served, in the end that's how id like to remember you first table chair by the door and again that smiling face.

dobro notch

Paul and Jennifer Keith aka caged1+ fawn