Keith Alexander

July 2005

I crossed paths with Keith online as it pertained to the world of tattooing, body modification and rope bondage. Keith had this large koi fish tattooed on his back, the main feature of a japanese back piece. He documented his tattooing journey online.  We also talked about rope and at one point put one of my essays on his website about the terms associated with shibari.

The best thing I can say about Keith, is that this was a man who knew how to live. Those who knew him know what I'm talking about. I can only wish that I could rise to the level of honest transparency of soul that this man did.

Fitting he died doing one thing he really loved, biking.

Keith was a body piercer, rock musician that once traveled with Dee Snyder (Twisted Sister) band "Sick Mother Fuckers" touring around the world playing before thousands.

He conquered the board rooms of Manhatten with his business ventures.

A multifaceted man indeed.

A wonderful tribute is posted at the BME website.  I encourage everyone to read it. You will be moved by what you read. I promise.