Master Robert and his princess
August 2004 / May 2004

May they rest in peace together in eternity

Back in the mid 90's I had a niece at age 17 suddenly die in her sleep from an unknown congenital birth defect in her heart. A few weeks later by his own hand, her young boyfriend of several years unable to live without her joined her in eternity.

It is difficult to say why people do what they do.

Master Robert and his princess were two wonderful people.  I met Robert and princess at a house party in Ft Lauderdale in the summer of 1999. He was a quirky guy with a clear passion for the lifestyle and community. True lifestylers. He befriended me as if we had known each other forever.

After a long illness his princess succumbed to the tragedy of cancer. Three months later he would follow, unable to go on without his soulmate. They had to be together, which I am sure they must be.

Robert and princess created a certain magic together that I think the rest of us envied. Few ever find such a relationship of love. It was beautiful. Before Master Robert departed, a dear little one, maria , who used to belong to them, pledged to never let anyone forget that special magic they had. Indeed in his obituary which he wrote himself spoke of the magic... that he hoped he would find "princess's endless kiss" when he went on to join her.

Maria wrote to me: "It helps to be reminded that although things can be taken away, we remain what we are.. true to our own natures... if we allow ourselves to be that strong"

Modern day Romeo and juliets? A love, a soul connection so strong that one cannot bear to live without the other? History is full of such love stories. Sad. Tragic, yet in some ways we all wish we could have what they had. Few find the depth of feelings and emotions with their partners that they did.  

May they dwell in eternity with the same magic.... embraced in an eternal kiss as Robert so longed for.

Love is a universal emotion, it is what we all seek, the prize that makes our lives complete and whole. Love is timeless and in too many instances, transient. Robert and princess taught us all something about love.