"The greatest lesson in life that one can learn... is to forgive"


known in Japan as
"Kinbaku", "Shibari", "Nawakesho"

or more recently in the west
"Nawa Shibari"


Image by Tatu

A gallery of the digital photographic
art of Rope Master Tatu.
His subject is Japanese Gardens.
Free for your enjoyment!

Tributes to Community Icons
and personal friends.

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The Legal Stuff

Your Pain, My Pleasure: Inside the
Mind of a Sexual Sadist

by FifthAngel and Friends

Cover Photograph by Barbara Nitke

Illustrations by artists Devin Wilson
and Sherrye Segura

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Bondage + Photographs 2000-2006

224 pages, soft cover, 186 images (56 in colour, 130 in B&W)

Published in 2006

Each book individually numbered and signed.

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The Secuctive Art
of Japanese Rope

by Midori

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The Finer Points of
Pain and Pleasure

by FifthAngel

$20.00 plus postage

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by David Lawrence

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by Master K

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Erotic Bondage

by Jay Wiseman

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Asia Bondage

by Steven Spilliotis

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